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NetSuite SuitePeople Human Resource Management

What is NetSuite Human Resource Management?

NetSuite’s SuitePeople human resource management solution provides a suite of capabilities that make HR service delivery easier and more efficient for everyone, across the organisation.  With a single tool to manage human resources, payroll and financials, organisations can eliminate third-party integrations, improve data accuracy, create a more engaging workforce experience and make better-informed decisions to tightly align workforce performance with business performance.


NetSuite SuitePeople Features

NetSuite SuitePeople provides the capabilities organisations need to manage their people and HR processes, automate completion of everyday tasks and deliver an exceptional workforce experience.

HR Administration

With workforce information shared across the Suite, human resources leaders can automate HR processes to reduce administrative time spent on common tasks and easily route information for approvals. Dashboards enable HR to monitor key KPIs and become more strategic business partners to senior leaders and hiring managers.

Employee Directory.  Help employees connect and collaborate across the organisation.

Effective Dating.  Create an audit trail with accurate data and change reasons to answer HR questions faster.

Access Controls.  Ensure only proper changes are made, by the right people with the right permissions.

Performance Management

SuitePeople Performance Management provides a central place to easily administer the performance review process that not only delivers greater efficiency but keeps employees engaged via goal creation, progress monitoring and recognition for achievements.

Workforce Management

Time-Off Management.  Automate the process for employees to request time off and managers to approve requests.  Within that process, both employees and managers are notified of potential conflicts to make approval decisions easier while ensuring staffing levels are adequate for operations. Time-off balances are automatically updated once requests are approved, and companies can set controls to enforce policies so employees aren’t taking too much time off —or the company isn’t paying out too much when an employee leaves.

Compensation and Benefits Tracking.  Track employee compensation and benefits information for reporting and analysis. HR admins and managers gain a visual timeline to see when changes to compensation occurred throughout the employee lifecycle.

Workforce Planning.  Combined with NetSuite Planning and Budgeting, companies can create budgets and hiring plans by automatically modeling future workforce needs using actual payroll, expense and headcount information.

Workforce Engagement

Self Service.  Through the Employee Center, both employees and managers have self-service capabilities to perform common tasks — update addresses, add bank accounts, view time off balances, monitor goal progress and see copies of paychecks and expense reports.  Managers can initiate changes, such as promotions or transfers, and approve time-off requests.  This reduces reliance on HR staff and cuts the costs of processing common tasks while improving HR service delivery.

Recognition.  Recognising employees for career achievements and milestones.  SuitePeople Kudos provides a way to foster a positive work culture, increase retention and decrease turnover costs by enabling employees to publicly recognise their colleagues for their contributions and achievements. Use data from Kudos to build performance metrics and identify top talent during performance reviews.

Onboarding/Offboarding.  Create onboarding checklists to help new hires feel welcome and be productive immediately.  Assign tasks to other employees to make the onboarding process more efficient and complete.  Integrated purchasing requests ensure employee equipment is ready on Day 1.  Offboard leavers using checklists to ensure company property is returned, employees receive final paychecks and exit interviews are completed.


HR Analytics provides role-based dashboards for HR and other authorised users to monitor workforce performance.  With 15 industry-leading KPIs, HR leaders can analyse headcount, turnover trends, demographics, revenue per active employee, expense per active employee and profit per active employee. Drill down on any of these metrics by department, employee class or group, location or subsidiary.  These powerful and visual analytics help break down departmental and data barriers to improve communications for faster, more confident workforce decision-making and planning.

NetSuite Human Resource Management Benefits

  • Reduce the Cost of Running Payroll
  • Improve HR Service Delivery
  • Increase Workforce Performance


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