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NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Reporting & Dashboards

What is NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Reporting & Dashboards?

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics reporting and dashboard solution provides built-in, real-time reporting, searches, key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards. With embedded analytics, companies can perform actionable analysis and gain meaningful operational and financial insights into company performance across multiple departments and teams. Be confident that decisions are backed by accurate and timely information. Better yet, when used properly, analytics enable businesses to recognise patterns that can predict — and guide decision-makers toward — the best possible outcomes.

Easily Access Your Data

Embedded analytics with industry-leading reports are built into the suite. Reports are easily customisable for nearly all transaction types to help you get more value, faster, from your ERP data.

Better Business Performance Measurement

By leveraging prebuilt, industry-leading KPIs, dashboards and analytics, decision-makers can find new ways to boost business performance — without programming.

Faster, More Confident Decision-Making

Get the information you need to support decision-making when you need it by drilling down from summary- to transaction-level details.

NetSuite Cloud Financial Management Features

NetSuite Reporting & Dashboards Benefits

Data at Your Fingertips

Easily personalise your NetSuite information with dashboards containing role-relevant data, KPIs, charts and graphs.

Less Reliance on IT

Embedded analytics empowers users to answer questions quickly, without help from IT staff.

Report with Accuracy

Drill down into the underlying details to understand the impact to your business.

Role-Based Security

Granular permissions ensure your teams have access to only role-appropriate information.


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