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Simon Community (Scotland)


  • 100% Accuracy Increase Working with NetSuite Solution Provider Cofficient The number of service users presenting at Simon Community outreach centres was unknown. The estimated numbers were far fewer than the actual numbers, which are now being recorded accurately in the NetSuite system.
“Prior to NetSuite, we found it difficult to be able to ascertain the correct number of services users we were engaging with at any one time. Now we have this information, accurate to the minute, at the touch of a button” Hugh Hill, Simon Community Scotland
  • Clarity Around Service User Demographic Using NetSuite has allowed Simon Community Scotland to ascertain key service user demographic information such as; male to female ratio; mental health issues; addiction issues; abuse survivors.
  • 80% Reduction in Manual Effort Before NetSuite, support staff would be required to capture information about service users on hard copy (bits of paper). Collecting the information on soft copy was time consuming and there were no standard formats to follow. NetSuite has standardised and streamlined the process. These valuable hours saved are now being spent on improving the service offering and working hands on with the homeless community.
We have introduced a data and information system into a caring environment where staff are fully committed to working with people and not machines. NetSuite allows the staff to work directly with the service user to support plans in the community”

Additional Benefits:

  • 50% Reduction in Paper Consumption
  • 20% Reduction in Travel Times and Expenses
  • 10% Increase in Face to Face Contact with Service Users


Simon Community didn’t have access to good business intelligence. They needed a system to give them better clarity about their offering (helping the homeless community in the West of Scotland). They knew they were helping their service users but didn’t fully understand the fruit of their labour.

Mission critical information such as a complete number of service users, demographics and outcomes were missing from the business.

“We found it difficult to be able to report on positive outcomes for homeless people moving on as this was hidden in manual paperwork. Now we can report accurately on where our service users move on to, which will allow us to target our energy into areas we know give us positive outcomes” Hugh Hill, Simon Community Operations Director

Company Snapshot:

Employees: 100+ including volunteers

Systems replaced: Excel, Word, Microsoft Office