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Phoenix Precision


Based in Glenrothes, Phoenix Precision Ltdwere established in 1988 and currently employ 38 people. They specialise in providing a formidable range of sheet metal engineering products, powder coating, and silk screening. These products are supplied primarily for businesses in the oil and gas industry.


Phoenix Precision have used same software for roughly 20 years, which was the primary reason behind implementing a different system. Their previous system (Efax) needed to be upgraded as it was no longer supported by the provider. While the system was still functional and always performed well, it meant they would no longer benefit from on-site support. This posed a serious threat to their business operations and future growth.

Furthermore, Phoenix Precision were desperate to move operations into the cloud to reduce IT costs and prevent future upgrade issues. They also wanted real-time reports, rather than having to wait until the end of the month for static reports. As a result, this was the ideal moment to move to a new solution.


NetSuite was recommended to Phoenix Precision as a relevant solution. After seeing the training, implementation, data migration, support, upgrade, and cost benefits, they chose Cofficient to implement the new system.

We chose NetSuite as it provides a whole range of processes from Estimating,  Manufacturing, Inventory Management straight through to Financials, which will ultimately reduce our IT costs.  Cofficient were selected due to their vast amount of experience with complex implementations.  We’ve been very impressed with their approach to our needs and their knowledge of Netsuite.” – Lynne Moffat, Operations Director at Phoenix Precision


Overall, they were very pleased with the great support they received from Cofficient and the additional functionality their new system provides. The company underwent a flawless implementation period that provided the following operational benefits:

  • Reduced costs for IT.
  • Access to real time reports.
  • Access to system anywhere and anytime.
  • Inventory management, which was not part of their previous system.