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Waste Management Solution

What is Cofficient’s Waste Management Solution?

Cofficient’s Waste Management Solution is built on the NetSuite platform and is an all in one system designed specifically for the waste industry.  Increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure full regulatory compliance with our cloud based solution.

Cofficient Waste Management Solution Features

A fully integrated solution to manage financials to fleet.

Whether expenses, revenue, tax or capitalised assets, Financial Management seamlessly integrates with all modules to streamline critical business processes, such as quote-to-cash, enabling everyone to work from a single source of finance, sales and customer data.

Reduce the cost of fleet management and increase revenue per vehicle.  Complete visibility on all aspects of your fleet.  Understand the cost impact of maintenance and report on best return.

Raise and generate invoices directly from the asset register.  Automate the process to make sure invoices are issued on time or flag and intervene manually.

Identify on a map where your assets are and drill into their performance real-time.

Schedule field staff and drivers.  Create lists, schedule orders, and provide information for the job while collecting customer signatures.  Automatically send invoices and customer paperwork.

Demonstrate, report and track that waste has been handled correctly with Automated DoC (waste transfer notes).  Capture customer signatures and automatically deliver forms to UK Gov Portal ensuring regulatory compliance.

Waste Management Solution Benefits
  • Efficiency – streamlined and comprehensive standard workflows to enable informed decisions and reduce errors.
  • Accountability – ensure full regulatory compliance with automated waste transfer notes.
  • Cost Reduction – improve operational efficiency by reducing data errors, saving time and money while maximising the integrity of each asset.


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