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Why Are We So Busy?

Is it always a “good problem to have”?  Well sometimes it is, and we have built the business on paying close attention to addressing customer needs. But sometimes it frustrates the hell out of me…..

Over the past 10 years or so we have made a fair living providing implementation, support and development services for clients’ key business systems, which is good.  Then the word spreads to other companies who have either self-inflicted disasters, or are wounded by the implementation partner that does not deliver to expectations.

Perhaps we should change our logo to reflect the Emergency service that we provide

It’s good to help companies in need, and it is nice to be considered as genuine subject matter experts in your field; so, what are the downsides?   The incumbent systems integrator will have enjoyed the software licence revenues, and been recipients of the project funding.  We inherit an unhappy customer, with budget leftovers to do what should have been done when the coffers were full.

Our ‘No Panic’ approach comes from investment in the skills and experience needed to take our stranded customers by the hand and help them to deliver the results they need. We will draw up the roadmap that will finish the journey….. but we cannot recover the time and money that has already been lost.  Sorry!

We may often carry the bad feelings the client has to the software product that bore the projects’ name.  But stay calm – a Health Check/Triage will help to determine what went wrong, and corrective action can be quickly identified with a willing patient.


The path to recovery involves several stages:


Firstly, the Health Check which quickly highlights the “As Is” state of play.  If the client is going through a process transformation, then we will have to do a Solution Design to reach the “To Be”.  The vast majority are simply configuration of the solution to meet the documented requirements of the client, with a few process improvements, and a few outstanding questions.  The key deliverable from this exercise is a proposal for estimated services to get back on track.


Secondly, we hold a key stakeholder workshop, to agree the Project Plan, and the critical but oft forgotten, Communications Plan.  Not just who will be reporting to whom and when, but how do we get the collective mindset of the company back to positively seek the light at the end of the tunnel.


Thirdly, we look for a quick win, that will gain the confidence of the business stakeholders.


And finally, we implement in accordance with the plans that have been agreed, focusing on getting it right for the handover to the client team, and providing a “Go-Live” support service that realistically reflects the stages of configuration, testing, training, user-guidance.


There are often second-round budget constraints, so we prioritise key deliverables, and plan additional elements for future phases where necessary.  This helps establish long-term relations with our clients which mutually benefits our development as a company, as well as our customers.


And wouldn’t it be nice if our reputation as a successful ERP implementation partner, caught up with our reputation in recovery expertise.  The software vendor reputation is protected and enhanced; Cofficient can work with the project budgets, estimates and timescales; and most importantly the client gains the results and returns on investment that it set out to achieve in the first place.

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