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Starter Edition

SuiteSuccess Starter Edition

NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition is a total solution designed to help small and rapidly growing companies manage all aspects of their business in a single system. Packaging the experience gained from tens of thousands of deployments worldwide amassed over two decades into a set of leading practices, the editions are focused by business type—product or services based—so you get the processes and solutions that will enable your business to grow. NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition will have you up and running quickly with pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports and value-driven dashboards for daily and strategic needs—for all key roles within your business from day one.

The Four Key Pillars of SuiteSuccess


Like all businesses, your business model is unique. With SuiteSuccess Starter Edition, NetSuite delivers a unique set of processes, activities and systems specifically designed to deliver value. It provides you a strong foundation to transform your business with a pre-configured solution and a proven methodology.


Leverage what we’ve learned from customers across all industries and business of all sizes to ensure success through our consultative approach from sales, to implementation, and through support and beyond—spanning your entire lifecycle.


Delivering an agile and phased approach while transforming your business to drive results; built from experience in thousands of deployments, customers can go live quickly. Intelligent staged approach to implementation via our stairway allows customers to consume capabilities based on what the business needs, when it needs it, driving faster time to value, and better ROI.


Incorporating 95+ pre-built reports, SuiteSuccess Starter Edition delivers pre-configured roles with dashboards and business intelligence metrics developed from real-world use by people in roles like yours.

SuiteSuccess Starter Edition Benefits
  • Full visibility across the organisation
  • Pre-configured roles and 95+ pre-build reports
  • Fully flexible platform
  • Rapid ROI

NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition Features

Roles: CFO, Controller, Accounting Manager, Sr. Accountant

Finance and accounting are at the core of every business process. Learn how our integrated suite can streamline and automate your finance and accounting functions while scaling with your organisation.

Roles: Sales Manager, Sales Rep

Follow NetSuite through the creation of a lead through the seamless process of creating an estimate for a prospect. NetSuite’s integrated suite streamlines your Lead to Estimate process while helping your organisation gain complete visibility without duplication of effort.

Roles: Executives, Sales Manager, Sales Rep, AR Manager, AR Clerk

NetSuite is designed and developed to facilitate seamless order entry. Learn how NetSuite can scale with your organisation while enabling efficient order entry, item fulfilment, and invoice processing all within an integrated suite.

Roles: Warehouse Manager, Purchasing Manager, AP Manager, AP Clerk

Learn more about the procure to pay process in NetSuite and how it can help automate and streamline your procurement process all while providing visibility, efficiency, and effective purchasing controls in your organisation.

Roles: Warehouse Manager, Purchasing Manager

Learn about the item management process in NetSuite and how it can help automate your warehouse management process all while providing visibility and effective internal controls over your procurement and sales processes.


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