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Retail Edition

SuiteSuccess for Retail

With tens of thousands of successful implementations, NetSuite has a deep understanding of retail businesses and the many challenges they face. Leveraging this experience, NetSuite has developed SuiteSuccess, a new methodology focusing on four key areas

Continuous Customer Lifecycle Engagement

Leverage our deep understanding of retail businesses across all sectors to ensure success through our consultative approach from sales to implementation to support, spanning your entire lifecycle.

Leading Practices in Retail

With SuiteSuccess, you don’t just get software, you get the benefit of NetSuite’s experience in the industry. We deliver complete solutions and practices that will take your business to the next level.

Intelligent Phased Implementation

Delivering an agile and phased approach while transforming your business to drive results; built from over two decades of experience from thousands of retail deployments.

Business Intelligence

SuiteSuccess delivers hundreds of pre-built reports and value-driven dashboards developed from years of real-world use by thousands of people in similar roles in retail.

Benefits of SuiteSuccess for Retail

• A single view of customers, orders, items and inventory. NetSuite knows just how difficult it is to sell anything without a comprehensive view of the business. Getting a retail business on a real-time platform so all channels are operating from a unified base is the critical foundation.
• Add ecommerce or other omnichannel capabilities to enhance and provide a greater customer experience. This phase is critical as buyers increasingly move online.
• Address social branding, opportunities for global expansion and selling through multiple marketplaces, such as Ebay, Amazon Checkout and your own ecommerce store.


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