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NetSuite Tax Management

NetSuite Tax Management Features

NetSuite’s Native Tax Management System provides the flexibility to support specific country needs and stays up to date on legislation changes regarding tax calculations and reporting. Finance teams can easily manage in-country transactions — sales tax, VAT or GST — and navigate special tax situations and rules on, for example, 3PL, reverse charges and more. Use the right tax calculation engines for nexuses comprising Australian sales and use taxes, and override tax details on transactions. And, real-time visibility into your indirect tax position improves cash flow.

Automated VAT/GST Calculation

Say goodbye to manual calculations: NetSuite’s built-in tax logic automatically determines taxability and runs calculations on every transaction, on every item in your account, for every tax jurisdiction. NetSuite validates all your customer and vendor VAT registration numbers, thus calculating the correct taxes for all cross-border goods and services.

Audit Capabilities

Details matter to auditors. Tax calculations by line item, showing each rationale and country-specific compliance text, in any language, are included on invoices. Configurable roles and permissions throughout NetSuite ensure that only authorised users can make changes, such as overriding the tax jurisdiction. Rate change histories are recorded, as are all customer and vendor detail changes

Flexible Reporting

Gain real-time visibility into your sales tax and VAT position. Automated summaries, transaction-level subsidiary rollups and out-of-the-box localised reports for many countries translate to faster, easier tax reporting. Define and apply each tax code and transaction type to any box on the tax form with NetSuite’s configurable reports, and take advantage of a framework for creating your own report for any country.

“NetSuite gives us the ability to integrate all our systems, throughout the world, to give us accurate and up-to-date financial numbers that I need to really make the right decisions for my business.”

Steven Marks
Founder/CEO, Guzman y Gomez

Tax Management Benefits

Support Multiple Types of Taxes

Handle local taxes across subsidiaries, from GST to VAT to withholding and Australian sales and use taxes.

No More Guessing

Know that the right rate is applied to every transaction, every time. Accounting, purchasing and sales teams can confidently process taxes in accordance with country-specific laws.

One Solution

Integrate transaction tax determination and tax reporting functionality within the suite that companies use for sales, billing, revenue recognition, payment processing and much more.

Challenges NetSuite Tax Management Solves

Manual Tax Calculations

Automate tax processing in more than 110 countries.


Ensure your company is in compliance with global tax requirements by jurisdiction.


Versatile reporting capabilities make it easy to complete tax forms and breeze through audits.


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