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Automated SORP Reporting

SORP Compliance with Ease

Eliminate guesswork, and manual export and manipulation of data by your external consulting team. With NetSuite, it’s “done for you” with built-in SORP-defined reporting based on custom GL Segments and a template UCOA approved Chart of Accounts mapped closely to Form 990 line items, customisable by you.

  • Statement of Financial Position
    Modified Balance Sheet to meet SORP financial reporting requirements.
  • Statement of Functional Expenses
    Reports all expenses broken down by “Program Services”, “Management and General” and “Fundraising,” as required by SORP.
  • Statement of Cash Flow
    Cash flow from inflows and outflows resulting from the unrestricted and temporarily restricted funding.
  • Statement of Financial Activities
    Revenue Report for Restricted Funds to support Statement of Financial Activity (SoFA). Lists all revenue transactions by account and fund.
  • Supporting SORP Activity Report by Program/Fund
    Revenue Report for Restricted Funds to support SoFA. Lists all revenue transactions by fund/program segment.
  • Statement of Financial Activities
    A combined Statement of Revenues and Expenditures which includes the Net Asset categorisations, can be filtered for a single grant or provide a comparative view of all grants.

Business Impact

SORP Compliance with Confidence

Built-in standard SORP reports make transparent reporting easy for board members, auditors and leadership.

Innovate Stewardship

Gain complete visibility into restricted/unrestricted fund balances and grant contributions at transactional and summary levels.

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