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Manage and optimise your global supply chain

What is NetSuite Supply Chain Management?

NetSuite supply chain management solutions enable companies to oversee the flow of goods from suppliers through manufacturing and into customers’ hands. Keep production running smoothly by ensuring all materials are available and in the correct locations, and accurately schedule machinery and labour resources. NetSuite procurement capabilities communicate with suppliers and ensure accuracy throughout the purchasing process. Then, integrated demand planning, inventory management and predictive analytics optimise production strategies, and work orders and routing ensure supply plans are executed and products are delivered as promised.

Single System, Real-Time Updates

NetSuite supply chain management records and updates production data, financial reports, inventory and outstanding orders in real-time. That ensures procurement, planning and production systems are operating on the same data.

NetSuite Supply Chain Management Benefits

Increased Profitability

Decrease the costs associated with planning and executing supply chain processes.

Improved Cash Flow

Understand when goods and materials are needed to meet customer demand, effectively plan production and minimise inventory on hand.

Reduce Risks

Use predictive analytics to identify potential risks in tandem with scenario planning to understand how to appropriately respond.

NetSuite Supply Chain Management Features

Supply Planning

Analyse demand, determine replenishment requirements, add stock and create orders according to an up-to-date supply plan.

Supply Chain Execution

Optimise all supply chain assets, control costs at each step and deliver items to customers on time, within budget.

Challenges NetSuite Supply Chain Management Solves

Maximise product availability — and sales — by accurately planning for future demand.

Take into account lead times and preassemblies to determine when materials need to arrive to keep production on track

Inspect raw materials on arrival, and conduct regular reviews during the production process, to ensure standards are maintained.

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