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NetSuite for Distillery Management


Cofficient’s Distillery Management Software (DMS) is the only software which will allow you to fully track whisky and the cask. The solution is the only fully cloud based ERP solution purpose built for Distilleries. Built on the NetSuite platform, the system is fully customisable to fit your distillery needs.

Experience the benefits of a full ERP solution, giving access to Demand Planning, Production, Inventory Management, fully integrated financials, CRM and much more. With additional functions including automated processes for Re-Guage Cask, Re-Rack Cask, Bottling, Cask Revaluation, Redip, Blending, Dumping to Vat and Wood-Liquid Association.


Liquid Stock and Location Database

Built on the NetSuite platform, manage liquid stock and location in one database which links seamlessly to supply chain, procurement and financial processes.

Re-Guage and Re-Rack Cask Process

Accurate, up to date information on each re-gauge procedure including how many litres are in your cask and the alcoholic strength, ensuring the alcohol percentage doesn’t drop below 40% abv.Re-racking allows cask owners to move liquid from cask to cask while keeping accurate records of casks used, along with previous liquids stored in that cask.

Wood Tracking

Our software allows you to see the history of what was in a cask. This information is available at your fingertips and provides 24/7 access to the real time insights. This means you have the ability to plan ahead for any future batches.

Dumping Cask to Vat

Seamlessly track the dumping of a cask into a vat, either prior to bottling or before putting into a different kind of task.

Outsource Manufacturing

NetSuite outsourced manufacturing functionality helps distillers manage subcontracted manufacturing processes by purchasing outsourced assembly production from vendors. Automatically track intake of production and transfer them to a specified location. Synchronise procurement and production transactions.

Accrued Overhead Cost

Supply planning accounts for all stock on hand, across all locations, allowing distillers to use stock in the most efficient way and keep overall inventory levels at a minimum, decreasing overhead and carrying costs.

RLA and OLA Tracking

Accurately track the original litres of alcohol and the re-gauged litres of alcohol in each cask

Compliance Reporting

NetSuite’s reporting capabilities ensure accurate Excise Tax Reports and International Tax Reports, ensuring your distillery is always compliant.

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