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comfort blanket

Is Your Comfort Blanket Costing Your Business?

The True Costs Of Sticking With Sage


“Our accounts team are happy with Sage and want to stick with it”


This is a phrase I hear all too often when speaking to businesses about their software choices. 


I recently had a conversation with the IT Manager of a prospect who aired his frustrations at the attitude of the Finance team.  The business as a whole had agreed that they needed new software to manage the various functions within the business, however, the Finance department refused to give up their comfort blanket – Sage.


“I know the business would benefit from an ERP solution but the finance team won’t budge”


In this instance, the IT Manager had numerous years experience of working with ERP solutions and was really frustrated at the lack of foresight in the Finance team.  In fact, he stated that an ERP solution could really boost the profits in the business and that sticking with Sage was actually holding the business back. 


There’s no doubt that the Finance department is generally the Mothership of the business.  It’s understandable that accountants would be nervous to move from a system that they probably know inside out.  Nobody likes to be pushed out of their comfort zone but sticking with Sage and what you know does have some hidden disadvantages:


    1. Costly integrations – each function within the business will need to integrate into Sage adding fees which can be substantial.  It may also mean speaking to different developers for different solutions.  The number of Sage addons advertised gives you an idea of the integrations you’d have to pay extra for.

    2. Multiple contracts for the different apps or solutions which need to integrate into Sage – Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to pay for one all inclusive solution rather than a license for each system that integrates?

    3. Numerous points of contact for each app or solution – if there’s a fault in your system surely it would be much easier to have one point of contact rather than a contact for each integration?  It would also be easier to find the source of any problems allowing them to be rectified quickly.

    4. Data Security issues – with data moving between solutions there is a much higher security risk as there numerous points of weakness.  A Hackers dream!

    5. Complex Upgrade issues – Cloud ERP solutions generally go through 2 upgrades per year meaning you are always on the most up to date version of software.  Can you imagine each of your integrations going through upgrades at different times and the upheaval that could cause?




There’s no doubt that Sage has it’s place in the marketplace but if you’re wanting to develop and grow your business it’s time to throw the comfort blanket out the window.

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