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Business Lessons to be Learned from Trump

Play Your Trump Card

Most really successful business owners realise that in order to get ahead, you have to spend money.  You have to continually invest in your company in order to succeed.  That means getting the best gear for your business and investing in software that Trumps all the others.

Some software is so clever that you don’t even have to be that smart to operate it.  You can just plug and play.  Enterprise software gives you a full 360 degree view of your business so you get the most up-to-date numbers, live, from your dashboard.  That means that you can respond to anything urgent in less time than it takes to fire off an ill thought through tweet.

Consider what that means from a time saving perspective.  With software this simple you can afford to bunk off early and go to the golf course, or maybe get your roots done.

Always Win (and Never Lose)Winning Software

Whether you have interests in Defense, Construction or Finance, you’re going to need something which enables your business to win the race.    If you want everyone to love you, then you’ve got to win (like, all the time).

Let’s say you needed to build a great big wall for example.  You’ll need great software to help you manage the project, the team and the finances to make sure it’s a viable project.  You’ll need to manage your team of expert builders; estimate labour and costs; track the time it takes to build; allocate tasks and calculate the profitability of the wall.  The best enterprise software offers advanced project accounting to help you achieve all this and more!

Or say you need to renegotiate all your supplier contracts.  Buying and selling in multiple tax nexuses has never been easier.  Truly global enterprise software will be multi-country and multi-currency to help you manage that process with ease.  A really easy enterprise system will even allow you to Putin preferred suppliers (once you have negotiated the best deals of course).

Make Your Country Company Great Again

The more ambitious you are, the better enterprise software works for you.  Let’s just say you have a great economic plan and aim to double growth and have the strongest results of any business anywhere in the world, no bother! Great enterprise software can help you achieve your ambition, no matter how grandiose.

At Cofficient we provision software that’s so attractive, you’ll just want to grab it by the PC!


[EDITED]:  The good thing about Enterprise Software (like NetSuite) is that it can be quite forgiving.  If you change your mind about anything just press the big EDIT button at the top and hope no one remembers what you said in the first


Written by Emma Stewart – Sales & Marketing Director at Cofficient (Making Your Company Great Again)

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