Anytime, Anywhere Access to Real-Time Information

No matter where your employees are, they can easily log into the business from any location using any device and instantly access all their working information.

Imagine the power of having access to all the business tools you might need, from your mobile phone, whilst doing the daily commute. It’s that simple. You are effectively removing the need for any person to physically come into the premises in order to do their work. That not only allows complete freedom of operation but also means that your down time is minimised dramatically.

As you and your colleagues input information into the system, it updates dynamically across all users interface so you are never without real time, vital information you require to do your job.


What’s the Buzz in the Cloud?

Great Flexibility

Access your information anywhere, anytime on any device.

Constant backups

Reducing your risk of serious data loss without it costing a fortune.

Pay as you go

Most Cloud Computing models are based on pay for what you use models. That means that you have minimal expenditure and ongoing operating expenses. You can ditch your server costs and much of your infrastructure costs.


Instant reports at the click of a button

It is common for businesses to interrogate their data using excel spreadsheets, data validation, pivot tables and the likes. Think of the time and effort this takes not to mention the margin for error.

With our software you get access to real time data allowing you to instantly access to the most up to date information on data such as SLA and Customer Support analysis, Financial Performance, Orders to Fulfil, Absenteeism or pretty much anything you need to measure at the click of a button!


Paul Grant

How We Work

Buying ERP is a big decision. There’s a lot to consider. What ERP? How will it help? Who should be involved? How much will it cost? The customisation and implementation process can be very stressful.

Minimum Disruption

Cofficient help you by providing the support and information you need to run your software project effectively. Using SAP and NetSuite implementation methodology we will analyse, design, configure, validate and deploy your software – taking your business from scope to solution and readiness acceptance with minimum disruption.

Why We Work

When you choose Cofficient, you are choosing some of the best solution consultants in the business. One of the longest standing NetSuite partners in the UK, and the only NetSuite and SAP Business By Design channel partners in Europe, you will be hard pressed to find a group of individuals with broader industry and implementation experience.

Cofficient select solution consultants based upon their broader business experience as well as their software experience. That means you get an empathetic business person as well as a technically gifted one.


Paul Tindal


Paul started Cofficient over 6 years ago with nothing but a license to sell the software and a burning desire to make clients’ lives easier.

Alison Auld

Sales & Marketing Manager

It’s useful for us to have a creative genius on the team – it means we get the most out of all the embedded email marketing software from our solutions.

Paul Grant


Paul talks more than any other chartered accountant we have come across – dispelling the myth that they love the company of spreadsheets better than people.

Emma Stewart

Sales & Marketing Director

Emma is the Sales & Marketing Director and the owner of too many shoes! She has 15 years sales management experience in media and publishing.

Flavio Graser

Software Whizz

Flavio is the person we roll out when clients need something extra special. There haven't been many software adaptions which Flavio hasn't found a really good solution for.


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